Thanks for Supporting Girls Inc. of Greater Los Angeles

The money is used to provide the programs, opportunities and experiences the girls need
to grow up healthy, educated and independent!


Get Involved

Get Involved


You are asking yourself, “How can I help?” This is Opportunity Central right here.


Spend time getting to know the girls and building trust by regularly volunteering at our program location to help with homework, special projects, leadership skills activities, and be a positive role model.

Operations Intern

Work in our LA office and remotely to assist our leadership team with office and research assignments.

Share a skill/career story

Show or teach your skill to the girls as an instructor or guest presenter, either one-time or on an ongoing basis.

Talk to the girls about how circumstances in your life or work relate to our programs and topics.


Give to ensure girls have the experiences and opportunities to thrive.

Donate $50

Donate $100

Donate $250

Donate $500

Donate What You Can

Are you blessed with abundance? Then pass it forward. Money tight? Give what you can.
The girls are so thankful for whatever you find in your heart to give!

Now you can donate via Venmo! Give to Girls Inc Los Angeles, phone code 2126.

Thank you for your support!!