Support Girls Inc.
of Greater Los Angeles

Our Donors

Thank you!.

Your gifts have allowed us to:

  • Give our Girls access to laptops, tablets, or Chromebooks
  • Reward our Girls with Girls, Inc. of Greater Los Angeles t-shirts which helps strengthen our LA community
  • Have access to online platforms for up to 300 girls for a year or more
  • Develop programming that creates a safe space during these challenging times for our Girls
  • Provide virtual “field trips” for our Girls
  • Provide our Girls with “at home” virtual kits for programming
  • Reward and recognize our Girls for active and positive participation in our virtual classrooms
  • Stay connected to our Girls and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Offer virtual summer camp to more than 50 Girls
  • Purchase cleaning and sanitizing supply kits

Would you like to be on this list? Please help.

$100,000 +

Anonymous Donor
New York Life Foundation

$50,000 +

The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

$25,000 +

Chevron Corporation
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.
Riot Games

$10,000 +

California Community Foundation
Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
Tracy Katsky Boomer
Macy’s Corporate Headquarters
William C. Bannerman Foundation

$5,000 +

Mrs. Robin Faerber
Glenn Helton
Ms. Susette Hsiung
Ms. Allison Knizek
Ms. Suzanna Makkos
Mrs. Michele Moehring-Rauch
USC Grant
Ms. Shelly Ann Youree

$1,000 +

Lori Hall Armstrong
Sandra Bane
Danielle Cooper
Fidelity Charitable
Rita Haft
Helmstetter Family Foundation
Angela Kinsella
Casey Kriley
Hon. Nooshin Meshkaty
Morgan Stanley
Jodie Pearlman
Ms. Kristieanne Reed
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
Lucy Stutz
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Norman and Sadie Lee Foundation
Mr. Michael Wayne

$500 +

Costco Wholesale
Eris & Larry Field Family Foundation
Adriana Fernandez-Clark
Ms. Lisa Field
Michael Flynn
Jeffrey and Nicole Lake
Misty Rivera
Mr. and Mrs. Jill and Daniel Schecter
The William Penn Foundation
Mr. Jay Faerber

Up to $500

Dana Acosta
Rosie Acosta
Lisa and Chris Adelman
Erika Adkins
Dr. M.A. Agranoff
Tina Alleyne
Yalid Alvarado
Stacia Armstrong
Debra Bagley
Susan Bailey
Ms. Cecilia Ball
David Benson
Tiffany Blewett
Jenna Boyd
Phill Branch
Caitlin Braun
Fiona Brockhurst
Cheryl Brown
Laticha Brown
Ms. Linda Brown
Megan Byers
Joahne Carter
Wesley Coleman
Shannon Comstock
Costco Wholesale
Lynnette Crenshaw
Valary Cruz
Kithmini Curry
Emma DeRoche
Lisa and Leonard Dick
Tia Dickson
Don’t Shush Me
Alison Doppelt
Lisa Durkin
Thomas Dwyer
Alberta Easter
Mr. and Mrs. John and Julie Eidsvoog
Janice Elliot
Vera Farmiga
Eris & Larry Field Family Foundation
Genevieve Farrell Film
Ms. Lisa Field
Michael Flynn
Julianne Foley
Katie Folsom
Cindy Friedland
Jered Friedland
Peggy Fry
Martin Fung
Barbara Furlow
David M Gallaher III
Amy Gibbons
Mr. Benjamin Goebert
Jill Gray
Nyakio Grieco
Maddie Griggs
Naomi Guadalupe
Toi Gunn
Howard Hadley
Alyssa Hansen
Zenola Harper
Ms. Tara Harris
Lindsay Hecker
Eddie Hill
James Hirsch
Nellie Hyun
Arthur and Madeline Jablon
Kenneth Jacobs
Tereska James
Ms. Allie Jernigan
JessJess Jess
Nikki Joel
Dena Johnson
Jan Johnson
Ebonie Johnson Cooper
Kenda Jones
Ms. Lisa G Katz
Cherisse Keller
Ms. Donyell Kennedy-McCullough
Susan Klein
Arley Knizek
Craig Knizek
Tess Knizek
Andrea Korchek
Emma Korchek
Ms Megan Kramer
Kathleen Laccinole
Ms. Lisa Lang McMullen
Debra Langford
Lynn Lattimer
Tamera Leichter
Donielle Levine
Marsha Levinson
David Lipsey
Ms. Vanessa Livingston
Sonya Lockett
Mr. Carlos Loera
David Lough
Stacey Martin
Maxx and Me Photography
Weston May
Helene Mayo
Kathleen McDaniel
Michelle McGhee
John Miller
Julie Miller
Karen K Miller
Meena Montemayor
Sylvia Montero
Marcy Natkin
Kevin Nickelberry
Jennifer O’Connell
Elize Oliverio
Lupe Ortiz
Richelle Parham
Linda Pearl
Claudia Perez
Mary Pezzini
Hannah Pitts
Ms. Alicia Pollack
Kira Powell Verica
Karissa Pugh
Lauren Randolph
Lesley Redwine
Denise Resendez
Elizabeth Reuter
Tonya Richardson
Alejandra Riguero
Portia Roberson
Vivian Rodriguez
Barbara Ross
Daniel Rozansky
Alex Rugiero
Mr. and Mrs. Jill and Daniel Schecter
Ms. Kristen Schwarz
Mr. Hunter Seagroves
LaThell Sebastian-Smith
Stephanie Slocum
Michelle Smith
Genevieve Stewart
Mrs. Deborah F. Stills
The Bonelli Group, LLC
The William Penn Foundation
Elizabeth Anne Theodosis
Rachel Thundat
Marissa Tuck
Michelle Van Wagenen
Quay Watkins
Bernard C. Watson
Kelly Weiss
Velice Wells
Kisha Mitchell Williams
Rachel Williams
Margaret Abby Wilson
Karon Young
Shari Young